• VW Bug Sofa

    Published 12/13/13 in Houses
    VW Bug Sofa

    This sofa, one of the more interesting items Succor handled, was made from the backseat of a VW Beetle, was sold from a Malibu estate for around $800.   See the Image

  • Tang Dynasty Horse Sculpture

    Published 12/13/13 in Houses
    Tang Dynasty Horse Sculpture

    This authentic Tang Dynasty horse statue is one of Succor Estate Sale's more valuable finds.    See the Image

  • Melissa Arnold of Succor Estate Sales

    Melissa Arnold of Succor Estate Sales opened her own business about four years ago, after learning the ropes from a similar company. She says L.A. is a great place to find vintage designer items and…   See the Image

  • Typical Designer Shoes and Handbags Found at L.A. Estate Sales

    Very lightly, if ever, worn designer shoes and handbags, like these Louis Vuittons, Doc Martens and Louboutins, are common finds at Los Angeles area estate sales.     See the Image

  • Living Room at an Estate Sale

    Published 12/13/13 in Houses
    Living Room at an Estate Sale

    At a typical L.A. estate sale, you'd be able to purchase every item in the room, including the pictures and frames. Melissa Arnold of Succor Estate Sales advises shoppers not to be afraid to make…   See the Image

  • Estate Sale Find: David Hockney Art

    Melissa Arnold says that estate sales are great places to find contemporary art at prices that don't include the hefty extra fees you'd pay at auctions.    See the Image

  • Estate Sale Contemporary Custom Furniture

    In addition to vintage pieces and antiques, custom contemporary furniture is a common find at estate sales in Los Angeles, where reinventing yourself is a way of life, and homeowners often hire…   See the Image

  • Estate Sales Antique Liquor Decanter Set

    This 18th Century French liquor decanter set was a steal at about $250 -- one of the many pleasant surprised found at a Los Angeles estate sale.   See the Image

  • Riverwalk in Estes Park, Colo.

    Published 12/11/13 in Places
    Riverwalk in Estes Park, Colo.

    Stroll among shops, outdoor eateries, parks and a water wheel in the heart of downtown Estes Park on the Riverwalk. Park yourself on a bench or bridge to people watch where the Fall River and Big…   See the Image

  • Although Decatur, Ga. is part of the Atlanta metro area, it is a city unto itself, with an identity all its own. At 19,000 people, Decatur sits just to the east of Atlanta, and it has become a…   Read the Article