• Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Her Quadski

    A must have for every waterside vacation home, the Vilebrequin Quadski is sort of a jet ski meets ATV. Hailed as the world’s best high-speed amphibians, it converts from water cruiser to land lover…   See the Image

  • Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift: Custom Family Heirloom Locket Excursion

    Every upscale jewelry box needs a custom family heirloom locket. The three-day journey towards your heirloom’s creation begins in the German historic town of Idar Oberstein, home to some of the…   See the Image

  • Anchored by an expansive hair-on-hide floor covering, Suzy Acosta's living room is bright and airy, punctuated with unique accessories and art pieces in hues of gold and silver.    See the Image

  • Luciana Junqueira's bedroom is classic, yet chic -- accented by snakeskin end tables and pops of lavender.    See the Image

  • Daniela Saliba's living room is anchored by neutral tones of grey, and accented by nature-inspired artwork and accessories.   See the Image

  • Mirtha Arriaran's understated living room features handsome shades of grey and charcoal.    See the Image

  • Luciana Fragali's living room seamlessly blends modern furnishings with more raw, industrial surfaces such as light woods and artisanal tiles.    See the Image

  • Marisol Pinto's living room evokes an artistic inclination, with several art pieces and sculptural elements.   See the Image

  • Hernan Arriaga's bedroom exudes understated elegance by virtue of warm metallic furnishings, antique-inspired wall coverings and light fixtures and sleek turquoise curtains.   See the Image

  • Sisters Cristina & Monica Souza designed a tropical-chic living room space, with neutral outdoor furnishings and vibrant pops of turquoise.   See the Image