• Crossroad Trading Co. Wicker Park

    Crossroads Trading Company in Wicker Park is part of a booming resurgence of designer resale franchises that buy and sell recycled, trendy clothing targeting the fashion and budget…   See the Image

  • Crossroad Trading Co. Wicker Park

    Ready to get rid of that eye-sore 1980s pinstripe sofa? Believe us (and your teenage daughter): It has zero curbside appeal. How about those cell phones and Jurassic computers? (Psst,…   Read the Article

  • Ponce City Market in Atlanta

    Published 04/29/13 in Places
    Ponce City Market in Atlanta

    The Ponce City Market in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward will feature green rooftops, private cabanas as well as public gathering spots.   See the Image

  • Mahogany Cleaver by Trees and Nails: Brooklyn Flea

    Woodworker Chris Parow crafts beautiful household items and furniture — some which you wouldn’t expect to be made out of wood. Here is a decorative cleaver ($50) carved from mahogany.   See the Image

  • Eleanor’s Bicycle Accessories: Brooklyn Flea

    As it says on the website, Eleanor’s sells “stylish bicycle accessories for ladies.” The straw bicycle pannier is already a hit at the Flea — it clips easily to a rear rack and is also…   See the Image

  • Alyssa Ettinger Design: Brooklyn Flea

    Alyssa Ettinger is a long-time vendor at the Brooklyn Flea, but this season she debuts her charming line of dog dishes. Meant for people, not animals, the plates ($35 each) and mug ($30) feature dog…   See the Image

  • Opening Day: Brooklyn Flea

    The Brooklyn Flea and its culinary offspring, Smorgasburg, kicked off the spring/summer season this month, attracting an estimated 30,000 people on the first weekend alone. As anyone who’s visited…   Read the Article

  • A Look at the Brooklyn Flea

    Published 04/12/13 in Places
    Alyssa Ettinger Design: Brooklyn Flea

    A sample of what you'll find at the flea market and its culinary offspring, Smorgasburg   See the Gallery

  • Fairway Supermarket in New York's Upper West Side

    New York City shoppers flock to the Upper West Side Fairway for its unusually wide variety, especially for items like cheese, oils, chocolate and olives.   See the Image

  • Halldoor Woodworking at Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago

    Master woodworker Gary Link, a tenant for 12 years, moved his Halldoor Woodworking shop to Bridgeport Art Center from Chinatown on a tip from fellow artist Luis DeLaTorre.   See the Image