• Fleapop Living Room/Showroom

    Instead of warehousing the pre-owned home design items sold on Fleapop.com, the Resnick's use them. That modern Blueprint couch with chaise lounge is on sale for $1,000.    See the Image

  • Fleapop Frontgate

    Published 07/23/13 in Houses
    Fleapop Frontgate

    Behind these humble gates in the Hollywood Hills you'll find the birthplace of an online flea market for home design products, and a showroom that displays items in their best light.   See the Image

  • The Resnicks at Home

    Published 07/23/13 in People
    The Resnicks at Home on Fleapop

    Ross Resnick, his wife Evelyn and their pug Rocco get to re-design their home on a weekly, if not daily basis, thanks to the home design/flea market website they launched called Fleapop.com.   See the Image

  • Fleapop Furnished Dinining Room

    The Resnick's found the bar cart, as well as those white Panton chairs for $100 each, on the home design website they founded, Fleapop.com.   See the Image

  • Fleapop Bar Cart

    Published 07/23/13 in Houses
    Fleapop Bar Cart

    The Resnicks found this industrial modern steel table for $50 on their own website, Fleapop.com, and thought it would be just the thing for a bar cart. They found the sunburst mirror in another stall…   See the Image

  • The Best of Flea and Fantastic Finds at Chicago's Vintage Garage

    If you’re a dedicated flea market shopper (and if you’re not, believe it when we tell you that you’re missing out), add this new show to your rummage haunts. Vintage Garage Chicago is the…   Read the Article

  • Artwork from the personal collection of Related co-founder Jorge Pérez will hang in the lobby. A private gallery will display work by Lluís Barba, a Barcelona artist favored by…   See the Image

  • Jorge Perez, chairman and CEO of The Related Group, selected the sophisticated and contemporary design house to provide a perfect accompaniment to the elegant curved lines of the building after…   See the Image

  • Located in the lobby, the Baltus House mural designed by Venezuelan artist Jaime Gili will be a contemporary tribute to the tradition of geometric abstraction. Gili’s work has been contextualized as…   See the Image

  • In continuing with The Related Group’s commitment to integrating art into its buildings, common areas of Baltus House will feature art pieces from Jorge Perez’s private collection.   See the Image