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The 2014 Atlanta Symphony Decorators' Show House, Randy Korando
The 2014 Atlanta Symphony Decorators' Show House, the Mercantile
Dog-Friendly Atlanta, Little Kings Shuffle Club, Athens, GA.
Dog-Friendly Atlanta, EcoDenizen, Midtown
Dog-Friendly Atlanta, Nancy G's Cafe, Sandy Springs
Dog-Friendly Atlanta, Loews Atlanta, Midtown
Dog-Friendly Atlanta, West Elm, Atlantic Station
Dog-Friendly Atlanta, Glenwood Park
  • Vintage pickers, collectors and bargain-hunters looking for fine prey all rounded up together (in a colossal 40,000-square-foot space) need to pack up and skedaddle over to the annual Wright Mass…   Read the Blog

  • Dog-Friendly Atlanta, Turner Field, Bark in the Park 2

    It’s springtime in Georgia and with the weather so fine, there’s nothing better than an outing with your four-legged best friend. Sure, you can go around the block or to a park any day of the week,…   Read the Blog

  • Dog-Friendly Atlanta

    Published 04/10/14 in Places
    Dog-Friendly Atlanta, Turner Field, Bark in the Park

    More and more Atlanta businesses are catching on to the fact that a lot folks don't like leaving their furry friends behind. Take a look at these at these unique spots where dogs are allowed.   See the Gallery

  • Atlanta's Beloved Author Hollis Gillespie

    If you haven’t met author Hollis Gillespie, one of Atlanta’s most treasured commodities, it’s fairly easy to get to know her – buy the books. To say Gillespie is candid and outspoken would be an…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Doubletake Recycled Luxury Goods

    When Gillespie needs to add a unique piece to her wardrobe she hits up Doubletake on Auburn Avenue.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Highland Row Antiques

    Located in Virginia-Highlands, there's always something new and exciting to see at this eclectic vintage shop.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Paris on Ponce

    Gillespie recently found mannequin parts at this eclectic antique shop that she used to decorate her front yard.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Scarlett Loves Rhettro

    Located in Midtown, this is another one of Gillespie's favorite vintage haunts where you never know what you're going to find.    See the Image

  • Palm Springs Modernism Week: Siva House Patio

    You can hardly hear the words 'Palm Springs' without envisioning Frank Sinatra sipping cocktails with Ava Gardner and the rest of the Rat Pack. Or perhaps Bob Hope and Dinah Shore swinging their…   Read the Blog

  • Palm Springs Modernism Week: Skuris/DeCancio House Living Room

    Once a year, the swinging era is celebrated with fabulous displays of midcentury design, architecture, art and culture. Check out some of our favorite houses and exhibitors featured during this…   See the Gallery