How to Sell

How to Determine a Sale Price

Value range marketing could make your home more attractive to buyers.

Should You Try Selling by Yourself?

Before deciding whether to get an agent or not, review the pros and cons.

More on Selling

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    Published 04/25/14 in Real Estate

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  • Staging With What You've Got, Entryway Before

    If you're selling your home, check out these before and after shots of homes that were improved by simply rearranging furniture, de-cluttering and painting.   See the Gallery

  • Staging with What You've Got, New York Living Room

    Our stagers advised using simple window dressings to reveal architectural details and to let natural light in. The mantle, window casings and molding are highlighted by a contrasting yet understated…   See the Image

  • Staging With What You've Got, Living Before

    This lackluster living room is crowded, cluttered and dated.    See the Image

  • Staging With What You've Got, Living Room After

    The large piece of the sectional was removed; clutter was removed and a less personal painting replaced the animal painting making this room more attractive and user-friendly.    See the Image

  • Staging With What You've Got, Loft Before

    No one should ever know that you are relegated to sleep on the sofa. And, do we have to tell you to pick up your socks?    See the Image

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