How to Sell

How to Determine a Sale Price

Value range marketing could make your home more attractive to buyers.

Should You Try Selling by Yourself?

Before deciding whether to get an agent or not, review the pros and cons.

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  • 8. Top Sellers Market: Houston

    When a four-bedroom home like this can be had for $292,500, it would seem that Houston is a great buyers as well as an outstanding sellers market. Here there's been 9% median home sales price growth…   See the Image

  • 7. Top Sellers Market: Dallas

    This five-bedroom, three-bath house is typical of the homes for sale in Dallas, where there's been 9% median home sales price growth over the past year, houses average about 11 days on the market…   See the Image

  • 10. Top Sellers Market: Chicago

    Even though Chicago is the tenth best sellers market in the nation, you can still get a beautiful five-bedroom house in West Ridge for a mere $375,000. The Chicago area experienced 19% median sales…   See the Image

  • 1. Top Sellers Market: San Francisco Bay Area

    This is a typical condo in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the median home sales prices increased nearly 35% on average, homes stayed on the market for an average of 19 days and 1.1 homes were…   See the Image

  • After: Cozy Kids' Suite

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    After: Cozy Kids' Suite

    As part of a "kid's suite," this bedroom is a creative use of the space. The Staged to Perfection crew unified the three rooms with a bright yellow color carried throughout all three spaces.   See the Image

  • Before: Focal Point Frenzy

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    Before: Focal Point Frenzy

    With multiple focal points, this Malibu home's master bedroom was a confusing space. The fireplace, built-in headboard and large windows boasting spectacular views make it difficult for potential…   See the Image

  • After: Bold Master Bedroom

    Accenting the many focal points with bold artwork, an intriguing telescope and bright white bedding brings attention to each asset of the room without making it feel cluttered. The telescope is a…   See the Image

  • Before: Boring Bedroom

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    Before: Boring Bedroom

    While the Malibu, Calif., views are spectacular from this bedroom's two large windows, the views alone won't sell the home. This bedroom is in dire need of a design direction.   See the Image

  • After: Pretty Perspective

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    After: Pretty Perspective

    The incredible views stand out in a neutral space. A large white headboard creates a cozy space, while still keeping the room bright and open. The lush bedding softens the modern room but doesn't…   See the Image

  • Before: Unusable Space

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    Before: Unusable Space

    A series of three connecting rooms in this Bel Air home had no clear purpose. With steep vaulted ceilings and little wall space, this room may have seemed like unusable space to potential buyers.   See the Image

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