How to Sell

How to Determine a Sale Price

Value range marketing could make your home more attractive to buyers.

Should You Try Selling by Yourself?

Before deciding whether to get an agent or not, review the pros and cons.

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  • After: Simple Solutions

    With spring in full swing, the real estate market has taken center stage. Buying and selling a home is a huge purchase and staging is a key component to fast-selling homes. A home should be…   Read the Blog

  • After: Cozy Kids' Suite

    When the weather warms up, so does the real estate market. Browse before-and-after photos from HGTV's Staged to Perfection and get inspired to stage your own home to sell.   See the Gallery

  • 1. Top Sellers Market: San Francisco Bay Area

    ZipRealty ranked the top 10 metros for home sellers based on three evenly weighted housing metrics: median sales prices, median days on market and total housing inventory per capita. Thinking about…   See the Gallery

  • 4. Top Sellers Market: Las Vegas

    The hot real estate market of 2013 is cooling off a bit in 2014, but it’s still thriving way out West. In fact, eight of the Top 10 Best Cities for Home Sellers are in the western part of the…   Read the Blog

  • 9. Top Sellers Market: Washington, DC

    This stately home in Alexandria, Va., will probably have sold for its asking price of $909,900 by the time your read this, since the average home in this area spends only three days on the market.…   See the Image

  • 3. Top Sellers Market: San Diego

    There's a freshly redone kitchen in this typical home on the San Diego market, where median home prices increased 20% in 2013 over 2012, homes stayed on the market for an average of 24 days, and…   See the Image

  • 2. Top Sellers Market: Sacramento

    Backyards are spacious in the Sacramento area, where the median home sales prices increased 32%, homes stay on the market for an average of 15 days and 3.3 homes are available per 1,000 people.   See the Image

  • 5. Top Sellers Market: Orange County

    Homes in Orange County are a bit pricy; you'll pay $545,000 for this 1,366-square-foot home, built in 1971. But it's great to be a seller here, where last year there was 12% median home sales price…   See the Image

  • 6. Top Sellers Market: Los Angeles

    This $619,000 hillside house in Echo Park is typical of an entry-level home in the L.A. area, where there's 20% growth in the median home sales price, houses average nine days on market and there…   See the Image

  • 4. Top Sellers Market: Las Vegas

    You can get a really nice, four-bedroom home like this for $327,888 in the Las Vegas area, where there's 20% median home sales price growth, homes stay on the market an average of five…   See the Image

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