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  • Lara Spencer at Home

    Published 12/07/13 in Celebrity

    TV host Lara Spencer conducts a tour of her mid-century modern home.   Watch the Video

  • Paul Shaffer at Home

    Published 12/07/13 in Celebrity

    Paul Shaffer's home studio is a bridge between NYC and his country home.   Watch the Video

  • Evan Lysacek at Home

    Published 12/07/13 in Celebrity

    When he's not on the road, figure skater Evan Lysacek calls Las Vegas home.   Watch the Video

  • Leavenworth, Washington

    Published 12/07/13 in Places

    It's a Bavarian-style Christmas in Leavenworth, Washington.   Watch the Video

  • San Antonio, Texas

    Published 12/07/13 in Places

    Christmas in San Antonio, Texas, mixes celebration and spirituality.   Watch the Video

  • Woodstock, Vermont

    Published 12/07/13 in Places

    Woodstock, Vermont, honors its English roots during the Christmas season.   Watch the Video

  • Durango, Colorado

    Published 12/07/13 in Places

    Have yourself a cowboy Christmas in Durango, Colorado.   Watch the Video

  • Mackinac Island, Michigan

    Published 12/07/13 in Places

    On Mackinac Island, Michigan, horse-drawn buggies reflect the city's past.   Watch the Video

  • Alexandria, Virginia

    Published 12/07/13 in Places

    Alexandria, Virginia, celebrates Christmas in the best Scottish tradition.   Watch the Video

  • North Pole, Alaska

    Published 12/07/13 in Places

    It's not at the North Pole, but this Alaskan town has a charm all its own.   Watch the Video

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