• Visitors to the portion of the river walk built by the Related Group enjoy public displays of artwork like this piece by Liliana Porter called Alice Goes Back.   See the Image

  • One of the roadblocks along the walkway is the sales center for the Epic Residences and Hotel. Activists hope that a deal between the city of Miami and the Epic developer will be reached soon.    See the Image

  • Built by the Related Group, a section of the path behind the Icon incorporates public art displays. It follows the north side of the river and connects to the bay walk leading to Bayside Marketplace.   See the Image

  • On the south side of the Miami River's mouth, a section of the river walk wraps around the new park at the Miami Circle, an archeological site commemorating the early settlement of the Tequesta…   See the Image

  • The walkway wraps around the north bank of the river’s mouth and connects to a portion of the existing bay walk that extends all the way to Bayside Marketplace, near American Airlines Arena.    See the Image

  • Riverfront Log Home in Creede, Colo.

    Set on five acres just outside of Creede, Colo., this log home overlooks 403 feet of private frontage on the Rio Grande.   See the Image

  • Modern in Marietta Entrance

    When one thinks of Marietta architecture and culture, we usually get visions of white columns, grand porticos, Mint Juleps and hoop skirts dancing in our heads. Well, if clean lines, dramatic…   Read the Article

  • 1M homes NYC 355 Riverside terrace

    Enjoy the Hudson River views from a private rooftop terrace at 355 Riverside Drive.   See the Image

  • Whitewater Tours on the Truckee River

    Take a guided tour along the upper or lower Truckee River surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. Or choose to rent or buy a raft and go it alone. Floating from Tahoe City to River Ranch near…   See the Image

  • Paddleboarding in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla.

    One of the best ways to explore Sunny Isles Beach — a seaside community just north of Miami Beach — is via the water, winding your way around Oleta River State Park on a stand-up paddleboard.   See the Image