• Utopia Ship Rendering

    Imagine having a beautiful luxury home on the French Riviera, in the Greek Isles, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Sydney, Rio and ports closer to home like San Francisco and Miami. If you…   Read the Article

  • Climb Aboard Utopia

    Published 07/12/13 in Houses
    Utopia Ship Rendering

    This is no mere cruise ship -- it's about to be the most luxurious floating condo complex on earth. The Beverly Hills showroom allows you to take a peek inside the ultimate round the world living…   See the Gallery

  • Utopia's Ultimate Estate Floor Plan

    This is the Utopia's top-of-the-line floor plan that features three to four bedrooms in up to 6,611 square feet. Note it has a media room, huge deck and a private terrace off the master bedroom. This…   See the Image

  • Utopia Ship Rendering

    Published 07/12/13 in Houses
    Utopia Ship Rendering

    Although it's currently under construction in Finland, this gives you an idea of how this ultimate vessel will appear in Miami. Plans call for about 200 residential units, a 200+ room luxury hotel,…   See the Image

  • Utopia's Olympian Floor Plan

    Believe it or not, these plans are for the more modest residential units aboard Utopia. Even though they're smaller in size than some of the more lavish models, they still include walk-in closets,…   See the Image

  • Utopia Kitchen

    Published 07/12/13 in Houses
    Utopia Kitchen

    Yes, this is a private kitchen on a cruise ship. It's an example of the standard kitchen found in all Utopia residences, as displayed in the Beverly Hills showroom. Top-of-the-line appliances and…   See the Image

  • Utopia's Carnevale Floor Plans

    Not to be mistaken for anything even remotely resembling "Carnival" cabins, these mid-size residences on Utopia are around 1,800 square feet in size, and also feature walk-in closets, large…   See the Image

  • Spas in Every Utopia Residence

    Oversized, jetted tubs are standard in every unit aboard the Utopia, as are top-of-the-line tile and marble floors and counters and wood finishes.    See the Image

  • Utopia Master Bath

    Published 07/12/13 in Houses
    Utopia Master Bath

    Master baths the size of an entire stateroom on other ships are standard on Utopia. This one is set up in the Beverly Hills showroom, to give potential residents an idea of the lush life they could…   See the Image

  • Utopia's Fluffy Amenities

    Published 07/12/13 in Houses
    Utopia's Fluffy Amenities

    Because no one wants to do their own laundry when they're living the vacation life, naturally Utopia will provide and launder only the most luxurious linens.   See the Image