• Tiffany Muller Avoids Rent Scam

    Tiffany Muller thought something was fishy when she saw a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in Brentwood advertised for rent at $900 per month. A little investigation revealed a ridiculous scam.   See the Image

  • For Rent Sign

    Published 07/19/13 in Houses
    For Rent Sign

    Los Angeles renters need to be extra careful these days, making sure they see the actual property they intend to rent, and waiting to deliver a check until keys and a signed contract are in hand.   See the Image

  • Casden West Los Angeles Pedestrian Overpass

    When you think of L.A.’s upscale West Side, the first thing that comes to mind is not usually affordable housing within walking distance of everything you might need, from a supermarket to a…   Read the Article

  • Casden West Los Angeles Residential/Commercial Project

    The new residential/commercial project at Pico and Sepulveda will allow renters quick foot access to shopping and transportation hubs.   See the Gallery

  • Casden West Los Angeles Residential Space

    The average size of each apartment ranges from 534 square feet for the studios to 1,500 square feet for the three-bedroom units. They'll be contained in four buildings on a podium above two…   See the Image

  • Casden West Los Angeles Plaza Shops

    Pedestrian access to a large grocery store, which is actually located on Parking Level 2, is provided from a multilevel plaza in a lively setting with outdoor seating and eating facilities — the…   See the Image

  • Casden West Los Angeles Residential/Commercial Project

    The project is slated to include 638 apartments, 71 of which will be set aside as affordable units for low-income seniors. With restaurants and shops on the street level and public transportation…   See the Image

  • Move to Los Angeles Infographic

    Los Angeles turns out to be the top-searched metro area when it comes to relocation, but you can see how other cities stack up and get plenty of moving tips on this ApartmentGuide.com infographic.   See the Image

  • Move to Los Angeles Infographic

    Whether it’s the perceived sunshine, celebrities or glamour, more people consider moving to Los Angeles than anywhere else in the U.S., according to unique research recently done by…   Read the Article

  • Home Sweet High-Rise

    Published 06/06/13 in Places
    A View From the Top

    Midtown Atlanta welcomes its newest residents home at 77 12th Street, a luxury high-rise located at the corner of Crescent Avenue and 12th.   See the Gallery