• Josh Elliott introduced cancer survivor, Alyssa at the event. Alyssa credits Give Kids The World for more than a decade of being cancer-free after her wish trip to Disney World.   See the Image

  • Give Kids The World President Pamela Landwirth sees the Village’s new “Memory Makers’ Building” for the first time.    See the Image

  • Good Morning America host Josh Elliott, TV personality Ty Pennington and Chef Emeril Lagasse introducing Give Kids The World Extreme Village Makeover on national television.   See the Image

  • Josh Elliott and Ty Pennington preparing Give Kids The World President, Pamela Landwirth, for her first look at the Village’s new “Memory Makers’ Building.”   See the Image

  • Walt Disney World and its cast members have been involved with Give Kids the World since its founding more than 25 years ago, helping to provide an escape from the real world of medical…   See the Image

  • Disney cast members helped unveil the “Extreme Village Makeover” for non-profit organization, Give Kids The World. Last year alone, thousands of Disney volunteers provided more than 40,000 hours…   See the Image

  • Give Kids The World volunteers view their new home in the Village as the “big reveal” is completed. As part of this one-of-a-kind project, Disney Cast Members dedicated countless hours to…   See the Image

  • Michael Jordan Florida Lead Image

    The former Chicago Bulls star plans on building an addition to his home located in The Bear's Club in Jupiter, Fla. The renovation will connect the main house to a cottage in the back of his $25…   Read the Blog

  • It’s geek-love-at-first-sight, or “Hello. I’m here,” in the case of Spike Jonze’s Her, as Joaquin Phoenix falls for the voluptuous voice of Scarlett Johansson’s “Samantha,” the first…   Read the Blog

  • Atlanta's Center for Puppetry Arts, Expansion Plans

    New museum galleries, a renovated entryway and other upgrades to existing spaces will enhance the overall experience at the Center for Puppetry Art.    See the Image