Published 12/26/13 in Houses

    "I used extra-thick French limestone on all of the counters and installed my favorite stove, a six-burner Wolf. There's a six-foot island for prep and hanging out."   See the Image


    Published 12/26/13 in Houses

    "The house was originally a stable and would have housed the horses and the stable men for the mansion on the Washington Avenue side of the house. The rings where the horses were tied up and the…   See the Image

  • Randall Mill Road Modern, Exterior

    Sadly, a lot of Atlanta’s midcentury modern architecture is being mowed over to make way for McMansion’s, high rises and parking lots. Many of the homes were built on large lots and developers find…   Read the Article

  • FrontDoor had a (virtual) front row seat at the year-end presentation “Content, Connected CE and the Smart Home 2014 Trends” by Parks Associates, a leader in consumer technology research. Take a look…   Read the Article

  • The non-profit is currently seeking charitable donations and supplies to replace roofs of several local veterans’ homes that are in dire need of repairs. The veterans, who range in age from 31…   Read the Article

  • The downtown area of Avondale Estates, Ga. was designed to look like an old English village, and so were many of its homes. But this Atlanta suburb has a mix of architectural styles and housing…   Read the Article

  • Located in Miami Beach's SoFi neighborhood, South Beach Marriott sits on Ocean Drive, just steps from the sand and only a short stroll from the city’s famous nightlife, shopping and…   Read the Article

  • Who hasn't seen or stepped into a promising home concept, found it functionally adequate, but still ... something was missing. Perhaps it felt a shade too tract home cookie-cutter-ish because, from…   Read the Article

  • Model of the Dunberry Modern Family Room. Existing floor plans are often used to jump start a collaboration, says Meritus' Brian Brunhofer. “What we try to do is provide people with a starting point.…   See the Image

  • Developed in the 1880s, Inman Park is famous for its gorgeous Victorian-era painted ladies, Italianate and Romanesque mansions and cozy bungalows. Although it has its share of mansions, you…   Read the Article