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Midwinter Mini Fixes: A Welcoming Front Porch
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Shower Floor
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Old Tub Looks New Again
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Quick Tub Refinish
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Vanity Area Facelift
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Kitchen Cabinets Before
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Kitchen After
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Fireplace Before
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Fireplace After
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Guest Room Curtains After
  • Midwinter Mini Fixes: Kitchen After

    What a difference a day makes! See how you can promptly perk up your home quickly to take full advantage of the most wonderful selling season.   See the Gallery

  • Starting Over in Conway, Ark., Kitchen, After

    To Arkansas agent Tracy Tidwell, Justin and Bethany Taff were special clients: The couple lost their home in what the area referred to as the Vilonia tornado in April 2014. They were…   Read the Article

  • Midwinter Mini Fixes: Guest Room Curtains Before

    Fresh new curtains are the easiest way to visually heighten a ceiling or liven up an uninspiring guest bedroom with heavy or dated drapes.   See the Image

  • Life After a Tornado

    Published 12/19/14 in Houses
    Starting Over in Conway, Ark., Entryway

    After the Taff family of Conway, Ark., survived a tornado, they sought a home where they could start over. Agent Tracy Tidwell helped them find the perfect place and renovate it to fit their needs.   See the Gallery

  • A rare, gorgeous conversion of a 98-year-old energy station salvaged and re-imagined into a stylish, contemporary oasis in Chicago's Gold Coast.   See the Gallery

  • Take a peek inside 10 rooms that showcase the Brazilian design brand's latest introductions in decor.   See the Gallery

  • Anchored by an expansive hair-on-hide floor covering, Suzy Acosta's living room is bright and airy, punctuated with unique accessories and art pieces in hues of gold and silver.    See the Image

  • Luciana Junqueira's bedroom is classic, yet chic -- accented by snakeskin end tables and pops of lavender.    See the Image

  • Daniela Saliba's living room is anchored by neutral tones of grey, and accented by nature-inspired artwork and accessories.   See the Image

  • Mirtha Arriaran's understated living room features handsome shades of grey and charcoal.    See the Image