• Another Mood Board

    Published 08/16/13 in Houses
    Another Mood Board

    Mood boards can be radically different: They are each designer's interpretation of your desires as you described them in the site's visual and verbal questionnaire. You pick the winner.    See the Image

  • Too Much: The Magic Box

    Published 08/16/13 in Houses
    Too Much: The Magic Box

    The conversations come to fruition when your Design Box arrives. Inside: a detailed set of floor plans, specifications and directions you can use when communicating with your contractors and…   See the Image

  • An On-Screen Quiz

    Published 08/16/13 in Houses
    An On-Screen Quiz

    A series of images, a series of open-ended essay questions: The user gets to explain, in detail, and without regard for anyone's feelings, what is good and bad about several room styles. It's…   See the Image

  • A Mood Board

    Published 08/16/13 in Houses
    A Mood Board

    Fashion mavens might recognize this sort of thing from Polyvore: a collection of images not specific to any project, but displaying an understanding of a design aesthetic.    See the Image

  • Unboxing Your Taste

    Published 08/16/13 in Houses
    Unboxing Your Taste

    A lot of clients have design sense, but just need help translating it into industry lingo. "What does 'modern' mean to you?" Fraiman asks. "Our role is to give you the visual and…   See the Image

  • "Before" Room

    Published 08/16/13 in Houses
    "Before" Room

    This room just needed some sprucing up. (The cat thought so, too.) The user was able to choose what elements to keep, and what to upgrade.    See the Image

  • 1280 West Peachtree: Skyline at Night

    This penthouse apartment enjoys 360-degree views of the Atlanta skyline.    See the Image

  • 1280 West Peachtree: Skyline at Sunrise

    When it was built in 1989, 1280 West was the tallest residential property in Atlanta.    See the Image

  • 1280 West Peachtree: Raw

    Some may see concrete, glass and ductwork; we see nothing but potential.    See the Image

  • 1280 West Peachtree: Windows

    Located in Midtown Atlanta, this penthouse apartment's windows measure more than 10 feet in height.    See the Image