• An updated sunroom area.

    Real estate agents will tell you that potential buyers want square footage, pristine condition and lots of light. So a brand-new room that has the word "sun" in it, it has to be great for resale…   See the Image

  • A remodeled an organized garage.

    Home updates come in all shapes and sizes, but some can wind up hurting you more at selling time than you might initially realize.   See the Gallery

  • Remodeled home office

    The standard home office renovation is this year's biggest loser in the resale value sweepstakes. Nationally, homeowners spent an average of $28,888 and can expect to recoup 45.8 percent at…   See the Image

  • 1. New Front Door: Top Home Improvement Projects

    According to the 2010-2011 Remodeling magazine Cost vs. Value Report, these updates bring the best return based on their cost and the value they add to your home.   See the Gallery

  • Restored Antique Home in Salem: Exterior

    This 1810-era home has been carefully restored and renovated. Highlights include a custom-designed kitchen, a butler’s pantry, a library and a new family room.   See the Gallery

  • Originally built in 1950, this four-bedroom abode underwent a complete redesign and reconstruction in 2007.

    We weren’t sure if we were looking at a new construction or a well-maintained midcentury residence when we stumbled upon this stylish home in Dallas. Turns out, it’s a bit of both.   See the Gallery

  • Exterior: Remodeled Modern Waterfront Home Near Seattle

    This 1969 home was remodeled in 2006 but still retains a '60s vibe. It features cedar walls and slate floors, and an atrium-style living area, flooded with light via floor-to-ceiling windows and an…   See the Gallery

  • A remodeled an organized garage.

    Instead of cleaning out the garage, how much would you pay to have a new one built? This time, it would have all the organizational built-ins and windows for natural light, and you could store a…   See the Image

  • Remodeled bathroom

    Unless you're a hermit who never entertains, you've probably wished for an extra bathroom now and then.But bathroom additions require serious coin. For a moderately outfitted addition with …   See the Image

  • 3. Fiber-Cement Siding: Top Home Improvement Projects

    Return on Investment: 80 percent. Adding new siding is like buying a new coat for your house, and fiber-cement siding is the chic choice, especially if you live in an upscale neighborhood. When…   See the Image