• Home Exterior Before: Remodeled Ranch Home in Salem, Ore.

    With the help of Realtor Christy Temple – and the Good Neighbor Next Door program – middle school teacher Chelsea was able to purchase a house at an incredible 50-percent discount. After that, all it…   See the Gallery

  • Three Bedrooms, Four Bathrooms, And 100 Years Of History

    When Lydia Deitz-Yaffe and her then-husband came upon 337 Parnassus Avenue 18 years ago, it was a bit of a mess, but in a good way. "It had only had two owners since 1908," she said. "The original…   Read the Article

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Living Room Mantel Detail

    Eighteen years ago this San Francisco home was rescued, restored and loved. Look at the amazing detail that was uncovered (and added).   See the Gallery

  • NYCTOUR - Flavor Paper

    Published 09/19/13 in Houses
    NYCTOUR - Flavor Paper

    Brooklynite Jon Sherman hired Jeff Kovel to turn a 16,000-square-foot parking garage into a live/work space to house his wallpaper company, Flavor Lab. The result is a sumptuous pad that abounds in…   See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Stained Glass

    Yaffe wasn't afraid to improve upon the original. The original clear glass of this window looked right into the home of her 92-year-old neighbor, so she had an artisan in Scottsdale create stained…   See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Patio

    The original garden was chopped into two parts. The update creates one connected outdoor space in front, side and back (the lot is extra wide) and, at one time, the path ended at a playhouse built to…   See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Living Room

    The original hardwood floors were intact and waiting to be lovingly restored. The windows, too, are their original shape, fitted with custom-sized double panes.    See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Living Room With Fireplace

    The burnished-copper fireplace is a copy of one Yaffe spotted in an Arts and Crafts coffee-table book; she found a local artisan who could create and hand-hammer one for this room.    See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Kitchen to Backyard

    You can take the whole Edwardian thing too far, right? The kitchen is still sun-drenched, but has all the modern conveniences.    See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Kitchen

    The construction of the original structure took 12 to 18 months, and was completed in 1908.    See the Image