• 337 Parnassus Avenue: Dining Room With Built-In

    Yep, that's original, with leaded (but not beveled) glass. The box-beamed ceiling is classic.    See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Deck

    Published 09/17/13 in Houses
    337 Parnassus Avenue: Deck

    The extra-wide lot leaves plenty of room for outdoor space.    See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Living Room Mantel Detail

    The hand-hammered copper mantel is art nouveau — maybe not strictly San Francisco in origin, but faithful to the period.    See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Attic Playroom

    The finished attic features two mini closets that were converted into kid-friendly nooks, complete with little speakeasy windows, and can fit a full-on slumber party of 12.    See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Third Bedroom

    There's more wainscoting, a charming counterpoint to the fully wired modern conveniences.    See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: Second Bedroom

    Countless details are dotted throughout the house, like the cabinets under the bay windows, that took years to discover (and will take years to rediscover).    See the Image

  • 337 Parnassus Avenue: First Bedroom

    Yep, that's an en suite bathroom.    See the Image

  • Another Mood Board

    Published 08/16/13 in Houses
    Another Mood Board

    Mood boards can be radically different: They are each designer's interpretation of your desires as you described them in the site's visual and verbal questionnaire. You pick the winner.    See the Image

  • Too Much: The Magic Box

    Published 08/16/13 in Houses
    Too Much: The Magic Box

    The conversations come to fruition when your Design Box arrives. Inside: a detailed set of floor plans, specifications and directions you can use when communicating with your contractors and…   See the Image

  • An On-Screen Quiz

    Published 08/16/13 in Houses
    An On-Screen Quiz

    A series of images, a series of open-ended essay questions: The user gets to explain, in detail, and without regard for anyone's feelings, what is good and bad about several room styles. It's…   See the Image