• 7. Attic Renovation That Adds a Bedroom: Top Home Improvement Projects

    Return on Investment: 72.2 percent. An attic remodel that converts an unused attic into a bedroom and adds a bathroom with a shower will cost an average of $51,428. That's not cheap, but it's…   See the Image

  • 6. Window Replacement: Top Home Improvement Projects

    Return on Investment: 67.5 percent to 72.6 percent. Returns for different types of windows range from a low of 67.5 percent for upscale wood windows to a high 72.6 percent for upscale vinyl…   See the Image

  • Organized closet space

    A third bedroom transformed into a walk-in closet might bring you bliss, but it eliminates a bedroom and will lower your home value at resale.   See the Image

  • 5. Minor Kitchen Remodel: Top Home Improvement Projects

    Return on Investment: 72.8 percent. The trick to getting a solid kitchen remodel return is to restrain yourself. Walk away from the granite countertop (unless you can find inexpensive remnants)…   See the Image

  • Modern living room with plush deep purple couch and leather ottoman.

    A remodel that turns storage areas (think basement or attic) into useable space trumps adding completely new rooms. It's cheaper to finish existing spaces than add new ones.   See the Image

  • 4. Build a Wood Deck: Top Home Improvement Projects

    Return on Investment: 72.8 percent. A small 16 x 20-foot wood deck with a bench, planter and a few steps down to the yard creates a natural transition from indoor to outdoor spaces at an average…   See the Image

  • #4. Think Timeless

    Published 02/19/13 in Houses
    Neutral bathroom with soft color palette.

    Today's trendy remodeling finish choices are tomorrow's dated decor. Even a beautifully executed remodeling project fades in value over time. Brass bathroom fixtures, anyone?   See the Image

  • Row of red brick houses on suburban street.

    If you over-improve, you'll get less at resale. Would you pay full price for a mansion located in a trailer park?   See the Image

  • #2. Do the Job Right

    Published 02/19/13 in Houses
    Woman putting ceramic tiles on bathroom wall.

    If you can't do professional quality remodeling work, hire someone who can. Nobody pays top dollar for amateur workmanship.   See the Image

  • 2. New Garage Door: Top Home Improvement Projects

    Return on Investment: 83.9 percent. If your garage door faces the street, replacing it improves a big portion of the front view of your home for a small price tag. Be sure to match the new…   See the Image