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Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Don't Be Afraid of Renovation
Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Start Basic, Then Upgrade
  • Atlanta Home Remodeling

    Published 04/25/14 in Places

    We here at HGTV FrontDoor know a thing or two about Atlanta home remodeling. Contrary to popular belief, however, not everyone on staff can operate power tools and knock down walls like Jonathan…   Read the Article

  • From hosting HGTV's Splurge and Save, to appearing on shows like DIY Network's The Vanilla Ice Project and HGTV's Save My Bath, Krista Watterworth is a television…   Read the Blog

  • In Miami, it doesn't matter if you live in a gigantic mansion or a tiny studio condo. Either way, you've got to know how to decorate with a unique flair and modern style. Now Insight European…   Read the Blog

  • Check out the latest color and furniture trends that are heating up Miami homes.   See the Gallery

  • Thinking about renting? Browse pictures of this furnished rental remodel, packed with vibrant hues and budget-friendly updates.   See the Gallery

  • With years of experience in real estate, Tom Bencivengo knew exactly what he was looking for when he purchased a multi-family apartment building in the hip Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New…   Read the Blog

  • Have you ever found a color sample you absolutely love, bought the paint, covered the walls with it … and felt uncomfortable in the room? For some reason, it just seemed wrong. Don’t worry – you’re…   Read the Article

  • Perfect Room Colors for Golden Browns and Redheads

    The new trend says you'll feel and look better in surroundings that complement your own personal color palette. Jill Kirsh, Hollywood's Guru of Hue, proves it.   See the Gallery

  • Perfect Room Colors for Warm Blondes

    It's the sum of the colors, rather than the individual pieces, that make this room perfect for a warm blonde. Note the dusty peach walls, the moss green accents and the warm, honeyed woods.   See the Image

  • Perfect Room Colors for Golden Browns and Redheads

    As the swatch book shows, this great room would be oh-so-flattering to someone with warm brown or red hair. Kirsh cites the example of a red headed client whose love life improved after changing the…   See the Image