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Perfect Room Colors for Warm Blondes
Perfect Room Colors for Golden Browns and Redheads
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  • Orange Condo Remodeled to Rent

    Published 12/04/13 in Houses

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  • Perfect Room Colors for Golden Browns and Redheads

    The new trend says you'll feel and look better in surroundings that complement your own personal color palette. Jill Kirsh, Hollywood's Guru of Hue, proves it.   See the Gallery

  • Perfect Room Colors for Deep Brunettes

    A deep brunette would look fabulous in this room with bright blue walls, cobalt accessories and chrome picture frames.   See the Image

  • This is probably the coolest palette of all from a color stand point. Note the tranquil sky blue and pewter, complemented by accents of silver.   See the Image

  • Decor Colors for Warm Blondes

    Published 11/04/13 in Houses
    Decor Colors for Warm Blondes

    Rooms in bright colors as well as pastels work well for people with hair in this color category, but they need to be in the warmer tones – poppy, turquoise, kelly, salmon and violet, for…   See the Image

  • Decor Colors for Golden Browns and Redheads

    Color Expert Jill Kirsh says people with golden brown or red hair definitely look best in rooms decorated in a warm color palette, which includes rust, avocado, teal, eggplant and orange-red.…   See the Image