• Cobb County, TV Host Ty Pennington

    Pennington attended Sprayberry High School as did country singer Travis Tritt.    See the Image

  • Cobb County, TV Host Jim Stacy

    Stacy, host of Deep Fried Masters and owner of Pallookaville, attended Sprayberry High School along with Travis Tritt and Ty Pennington.    See the Image

  • Cobb County, Jesse James Dupree

    Southern rocker and reality TV star Jesse James Dupree is lead singer of the band Jackyl and hails from Kennesaw, Ga.    See the Image

  • John Mayer Condo 205 East 16th

    New York Magazine recently ran a story about homes where famous (or in some cases, semifamous) people once lived. The best part? The places are all for rent or sale. So if you're looking for a new…   Read the Article

  • Nate Berkus Coop 39 Fifth Ave

    Nate Berkus, America's sweetheart of interior designers, has purchased a 15th-floor penthouse apartment in Greenwich Village. Apparently Berkus loves this corner of the city, since his new home will…   Read the Article

  • Nate Berkus Coop 39 Fifth Ave

    Interior designer Nate Berkus recently purchased this Greenwich Village penthouse, which was listed at $5 million. The living room features 10.5-foot coffered ceilings.   See the Image

  • Atlanta's Jim Stacy, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

    Habitués of the Starlight Drive-In, the Buford Highway multiethnic markets or Georgia Public Television will recognize corn-dog chef and owner of Pallookaville Corn Dog Wagon Jim Stacy. Or maybe…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta's Jim Stacy, Pallookaville's Hand-Painted Window

    Take a peek inside the historic structure in Avondale Estates being transformed into Pallookaville Fine Foods and the world of corn-dog king Jim Stacy.   See the Gallery

  • Atlanta's Jim Stacy, Man of Many Costumes

    The television show host, corn-dog chef and now restauranteur is known for sporting many different looks.    See the Image

  • Colin Cowie's New York City Penthouse

    If you're someone who appreciates homes with ingenious, space-saving features, we highly encourage you to check out Colin Cowie's Flatiron penthouse, which is on the market for $5,750,000. The…   Read the Article