Make Living Room, Bedrooms Your Green Havens

Transform the rooms you relax in the most into the most eco-friendly places

Cork flooring is another option. It's made from the leftovers at bottle-stopping factories. It can be incredibly long-lasting and is a natural insulator. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing floor type, but it would be great for a kid's bedroom or playroom. 

Try cleaner carpet

Even if you clean regularly, an older carpet can gather dust and affect the air quality of your home. When it's time to trade it in, try eco-friendly carpet. It's made from natural fibers, usually organically grown cotton and wool or recycled materials.

Rather than wall-to-wall carpeting, it's "greener" to use modular carpet tiles.

"Carpet squares are a huge eco-improvement, because they’re modular," explains Greg Snowden, owner of the Green Fusion Design Center. "When you spill wine, you can remove an individual square to wash or replace it, and when you’re done with it, you can ship it back to the manufacturer to recycle. So, what’s good for you is good for the planet."

Plus, these squares involve little labor. They are easy to install, and do not need to be supported by toxic padding.

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