Home Inspections & Homeowners Insurance

Be smart when it comes to safety and savings.

Get the home inspected. Don’t skip this step; consider it a necessary expense of home ownership (even if you’re buying a brand-new house). You may think you looked the house over carefully, but a home inspector’s job is to know whether a house meets code and is safe to inhabit. 

TIP: If you have allergies or live in an area that is prone to elevated mold or radon levels, consider having a separate inspection done by an environmental consultant. General home inspections will not test for mold or radon.

Find insurance. You’ll need to shop for homeowners insurance; look for affordable premiums, but also consider whether an insurance company is considered highly reliable by a third-party rating organization like A.M. Best.

TIP: Your auto or life insurance provider may give you a deal if you bundle all your insurance plans.

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