Drama-Free Real Estate: Top 10 Ways to Sell a Home Without All the Drama

It's easy to get caught up in all the drama of selling a home, especially in this market! Minimize the stress with these 10 action steps, strategies and insider secrets, from real estate expert Tara-Nicholle Nelson.

Before putting out that For Sale sign, get clear on why you want to sell your home.

Selling a home can put you on an emotional rollercoaster. At the top, you feel excited and proud that your place looks the best it ever has and relieved when it finally sells.

At the bottom, though, you might be disappointed at the offers that come in or even desperate when you don’t get any offers at all. What if the buyer’s deal falls through? Now, that’s a potential freak-out moment!

Real estate guru and FrontDoor Insider Tara-Nicholle Nelson offers these 10 simple steps and strategies to get you off the emotional thrill ride of selling your home.

#1: Get -- and stay -- clear on the reasons why you are selling.

For eons, self-help gurus have told us to further our goals by asking ourselves, “What’s your why?” Staying mindful of why you decided to sell your home in the first place can help you steer a straight and stress-free course through the rocky seas of seemingly interminable days on the market, disappointingly low offers and buyer requests for repairs. Focusing on your why is simple -- it just takes a yummy little mixture of conscious intention and few minutes’ effort glazed over with the courage it takes to own your personal vision and values.

Your 'why' can be as unique as you are! Back in the day, people sold homes for a few basic reasons: to cash in on appreciation, to get a bigger or smaller house or to relocate. Now, there are as many reasons to sell as there are sellers! The era of Conspicuous Frugality has replaced the era of Conspicuous Consumption, so downsizing to create a sustainable lifestyle is a valid, even commendable reason to sell. So is closure -- if you’ve been doing the underwater dance with your lender and are just unable to keep up with your mortgage payments, it might be time to wrap it up and move forward with your life by doing a short sale. If you’re in a good equity position, you might even want to move up while the market is still favorable for your purchase. Whatever your reason, so long as it’s yours, it’s a good one!

Write your 'why'. Once you are clear on your reasons for selling, write them down. Take 10 minutes to journal your motivations and the vision for your life that you hope to manifest by selling.

Revisit your 'why' at key decision points. When you are faced with the tough decisions involved in selling in a buyer’s market, like whether to counter an offer or take it, flip open your notebook and revisit your why. It’s natural to get depressed when your home is getting no bites, but returning to your why can make the otherwise somber thought of a price reduction seem like an empowered no-brainer that gets you closer to your true goal for selling.

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