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Check Out This Tale of NYC Subletting Woes

Could you live in a room the size of a broom closet? A comedy sketch group brings your worst subletting nightmare to life.

Photo courtesy of Matt Porter In the comedy sketch "Roommate," a potential subletter is horrified by this itty-bitty room.

In May we spoke to the man behind The Worst Room, a blog that celebrates the worst sublets in New York City. This week we talked to the creators of "Roommate," a short comedy video that captures a New Yorker's worst subletting nightmare.

"Roommate" is the work of Good Cop Great Cop, a comedy sketch group comprised of Charlie Hankin and Matt Porter. In the three-minute video, a young New Yorker visits an apartment to check out a potential sublet situation. To his horror, the "room" is the size of a storage closet and measures approximately one-person wide. One wall is piping hot, another wall emits a funny odor. It comes with one bare hanging bulb and a rickety table. Plus, it's shared with one other roommate.

"We started with the idea of making a long, thin room with barely enough space to walk in a straight line," Porter told us. "Then we went through every question a subletter might ask and came up with the worst possible responses one could get to those questions." Porter and Hankin built the room in their Williamsburg apartment using two pieces of foam core.

Neither Porter nor Hankin have any real-life subletting woes, though Hankin once had a neurotic landlord who threatened to install cameras in the apartment to monitor his hot water usage. Sounds like good fodder for a new video — "The Landlord," perhaps?

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