10 Foods for a Delicious Open House

Easy recipes for serving up a successful showing

It's not just a home's curb appeal or updated kitchen that will bring buyers to an open house -- it's also the food.

While serving a spread might not help you sell an outdated '80s split-level, the promise of good food can attract more buyers and real estate agents. House hunters tend to linger longer in a place with tasty food and drinks.

Some high-end open houses go all out with catered spreads, but a few homemade appetizers and sweets arranged on an attractive table can be equally welcoming -- and easier on your bottom line.

Try these 10 recipes to make buyers feel at home at your open house:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's no surprise that chocolate chip cookies are an open house standby. Few people can resist a fresh cookie, and the intoxicating scent brings back childhood memories for many. To set your cookies apart, skip the store-bought roll and mix up a batch of this tried-and-true homemade version.

Bake the cookies right before you head out the door for maximum scent infusion. Just be sure to set a timer -- the smell of charred cookies probably won't get visitors in the buying mood.


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