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  • Tucker, GA Apartments

    Published 12/04/13 in Places

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  • Jerry Garcia's Hippie Haven: Just a Little Light

    Light, bright and made just right, the living room features a retractable 32-foot glass wall. In inclement weather, the house transforms into a ... box of rain.    See the Image

  • Jerry Garcia's Hippie Haven: Fire on the Mountain

    A stone fireplace near the pool? Sounds like the perfect place to toast marshmallows and have yourself a be-in.    See the Image

  • Jerry Garcia's Hippie Haven: Ripple in Still Water

    It's not a fountain. It was made by the hands of men. It's a pool. Because yes, the beach is a short walk away, but sometimes you are just too dang mellow to deal with crashing surf and hot…   See the Image

  • Jerry Garcia's Hippie Haven: Come and Join the Party Every Day

    Garcia dubbed his beach home "Sans Souci," which means "carefree." As in: "Hey hey, hey, come right away ... Come and join the party every day."    See the Image

  • Jerry Garcia's Hippie Haven: Come Hear Uncle John's Band

    This was Garcia's home recording studio, and what a warm, wood-paneled cocoon it is. So that makes two guesthouses, perfect for communal living or friends crashing during their drive…   See the Image