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  • A Must-See Atlanta Home

    Published 11/28/13 in Houses
    Atlanta Riverside Drive Luxury, Walkway

    There’s this great winding road in Atlanta called Riverside that stretches from Sandy Springs to Buckhead and runs parallel to the Chattahoochee River. What was once a farrago of farmsteads is now an…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Riverside Drive Luxury, Walkway

    Is it the Swiss Alps? No, it's a house on one of the most luxurious streets in Buckhead and Sandy Springs.    See the Image

  • With a median home sale price of about $220,000 Marietta, Ga. is an affordable Atlanta bedroom community. If you're looking to make this city of 67,000 your home address, you have a lot of…   Read the Article

  • Norcross, GA, Apartments

    Published 11/20/13 in Places

    Located outside of the Atlanta perimeter, Norcross, Ga. offers a wide selection of housing options, whether you are looking to rent or buy.This city of 15,000 people has several large…   Read the Article

  • If you're looking to move to Smyrna, Ga., you'll find a range of affordable options, from condominiums for less than $100,000 to million-dollar estates. Because it is located outside of Atlanta's…   Read the Article

  • Historic Vinings, Ga. has become a community of choice for residents living in the Atlanta area. This unincorporated village offers an attractive blend of small-town living inside the city's…   Read the Article

  • Brookhaven, Georgia, may be a newly incorporated city in the Atlanta metro area, but the community is graced with historic homes, as well as new developments.With a population of about 49,000,…   Read the Article

  • When house-hunting, color-loving creative professionals Justine Rubin and Robin Finch found almost exactly what they were looking for: a 2,200-square-foot midcentury-modern ranch in the Toco…   Read the Blog

  • Jerry Garcia's Hippie Haven: Just a Little Light

    Light, bright and made just right, the living room features a retractable 32-foot glass wall. In inclement weather, the house transforms into a ... box of rain.    See the Image