• 7. Top Sellers Market: Dallas

    This five-bedroom, three-bath house is typical of the homes for sale in Dallas, where there's been 9% median home sales price growth over the past year, houses average about 11 days on the market…   See the Image

  • 10. Top Sellers Market: Chicago

    Even though Chicago is the tenth best sellers market in the nation, you can still get a beautiful five-bedroom house in West Ridge for a mere $375,000. The Chicago area experienced 19% median sales…   See the Image

  • 1. Top Sellers Market: San Francisco Bay Area

    This is a typical condo in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the median home sales prices increased nearly 35% on average, homes stayed on the market for an average of 19 days and 1.1 homes were…   See the Image

  • Condo in Harlem NYC

    Finding a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan for under $400,000 is doable, but more often than not the monthly maintenance fees end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month — way more…   Read the Article

  • Real Estate Super Bowl: Denver Beats Seattle in Yardage

    In honor of the Super Bowl, ZipRealty, Inc., a prominent residential brokerage firm and real estate site, has released a new study comparing the housing markets in Denver and Seattle, to…   Read the Blog

  • Real Estate Super Bowl: Denver Beats Seattle in Yardage

    ZipRealty compared five housing market metrics to determine who would win a real estate Super Bowl when it comes to yardage, speed, veteran players and more.   See the Gallery

  • Real Estate Super Bowl: Denver Loses to Seattle in Price

    Although there are plenty of pricy homes in the Mile High City like this one listed on ZipRealty for $1.99 million, the median home sale price is $259,000.       See the Image

  • Real Estate Super Bowl: Seattle Gains Less Yardage

    Lots in the Seattle area may be bigger than the national average because many incorporate woods, as this home does, but Denver-area properties still average more yardage than Seattle area properties,…   See the Image

  • Real Estate Super Bowl: Denver Beats Seattle in Yardage

    Denver-area properties are larger than Seattle-area properties, with the average lot size being 74,636 square feet, as opposed to Seattle's average of 60,754 square feet. Out west there's plenty of…   See the Image

  • Real Estate Super Bowl: Seattle Beats Denver in Veteran Players

    Seattle has a rich history, especially in the shipping industry. This 1914 condo conversion is an example. It would seem that the high-tech boomers prefer to revive older homes in the area, while…   See the Image