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Most Affordable Housing Markets No. 10: Nashville
Most Affordable Housing Market No. 9: Tucson
Most Affordable Housing Market No. 8: Houston
Most Affordable Housing Market No. 7: Baltimore
Most Affordable Housing Market No. 6: Raleigh, N.C.
Most Affordable Housing Market No. 5: Dallas
Most Affordable Housing Market No. 4: Richmond
Most Affordable Housing Market No. 3: Orlando
Most Affordable Housing Market No. 2: Philadelphia
Most Affordable Housing Market No. 1: Chicago
  • L.A. Home Seller Tip: Sweat the Small Stuff

    Just because you live in one of the hottest seller's markets in the country doesn’t mean you can plop a “For Sale” sign in your yard and the buyers will come running with multiple bids. While…   Read the Blog

  • L.A. Home Seller Tip: Online Presentation is Everything

    Just because L.A. is one of the nation's hottest markets right now doesn't mean you can just plop a sign in your front yard and sell for a huge profit. There are so many factors a savvy seller must…   See the Gallery

  • L.A. Home Seller Tip: Energy Efficient Appliances Increase Value

    “Details like energy efficient appliances can make your home more attractive to buyers in California,” according to top Realtor Joe Babajian. “If you’re looking to update, a good place to start is…   See the Image

  • 9. Top Sellers Market: Washington, DC

    This stately home in Alexandria, Va., will probably have sold for its asking price of $909,900 by the time your read this, since the average home in this area spends only three days on the market.…   See the Image

  • 3. Top Sellers Market: San Diego

    There's a freshly redone kitchen in this typical home on the San Diego market, where median home prices increased 20% in 2013 over 2012, homes stayed on the market for an average of 24 days, and…   See the Image

  • 2. Top Sellers Market: Sacramento

    Backyards are spacious in the Sacramento area, where the median home sales prices increased 32%, homes stay on the market for an average of 15 days and 3.3 homes are available per 1,000 people.   See the Image

  • 5. Top Sellers Market: Orange County

    Homes in Orange County are a bit pricy; you'll pay $545,000 for this 1,366-square-foot home, built in 1971. But it's great to be a seller here, where last year there was 12% median home sales price…   See the Image

  • 6. Top Sellers Market: Los Angeles

    This $619,000 hillside house in Echo Park is typical of an entry-level home in the L.A. area, where there's 20% growth in the median home sales price, houses average nine days on market and there…   See the Image

  • 4. Top Sellers Market: Las Vegas

    You can get a really nice, four-bedroom home like this for $327,888 in the Las Vegas area, where there's 20% median home sales price growth, homes stay on the market an average of five…   See the Image

  • 8. Top Sellers Market: Houston

    When a four-bedroom home like this can be had for $292,500, it would seem that Houston is a great buyers as well as an outstanding sellers market. Here there's been 9% median home sales price growth…   See the Image