Pre-War Style

  • NYCGIRLS-24-Fifth-Ave

    Published 01/16/14 in Houses

    We can picture Jessa living in this spacious studio. The prewar coop is in the heart of Greenwich Village.   See the Image

  • 2014RESNYC-Sliding-Door

    Published 01/03/14 in Houses

    Doors with knobs are so conventional. Ditch the knob and install a sliding door. We especially like the sliding door in this Greenwich Village pre-war loft. It separates the bedroom and living room…   See the Image

  • OPENHOUSENYC-24-Fifth-Ave

    Published 12/12/13 in Houses

    We're suckers for soaring ceilings, especially when they're coupled with Manhattan views as impressive as the one offered by this penthouse living room. The two-bedroom Greenwich Village pad has the…   See the Image

  • OPENHOUSENYC-8-Polhemus

    Published 12/12/13 in Houses

    This 3,600-square-foot townhouse has had the same owner for more than four decades, and the loving ownership shows. From stained glass and woodwork details to pocket doors and carved mantles, this…   See the Image

  • Georgia's Central State Hospital, Jones Building

    Listen carefully to Smyrna native Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she awkwardly tells Richard Gere that she’s from Milledgeville. Director Gary Marshall asked her to name towns near Atlanta that…   Read the Article

  • Georgia's Central State Hospital, Grave Markers

    Built in 1842, Milledgeville's Central State Hospital was Georgia’s first psychiatric hospital and was once the nation's largest mental hospital and second largest in the world. Many think it is…   See the Gallery

  • Georgia's Central State Hospital, Stairwell

    Some of the structures at the hospital have been crumbling and deteriorating for decades.    See the Image

  • Georgia's Central State Hospital, Hallway

    We have no idea what these walls might say or what ghosts may be walking down them.    See the Image

  • Georgia's Central State Hospital, Abandoned

    The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation hopes that these buildings will not be left to rot.    See the Image

  • Georgia's Central State Hospital, Patient X-Ray

    This X-ray is just one of the artifacts left behind at the abandoned buildings on the Milledgeville campus.    See the Image