Pre-War Style

  • Dining Room: Jon Bon Jovi's Luxury New York Apartment

    Enjoy fine dining, complete with panoramic views of New York's Soho neighborhood, in rocker Jon Bon Jovi's luxurious prewar apartment. A chef's kitchen is just around the corner.   See the Image

  • Bedroom: Jon Bon Jovi's Luxury New York Apartment

    Each of the five bedrooms in rocker Jon Bon Jovi's prewar apartment in New York's landmark New Museum Building offers spectacular views. You can now live in luxury in this spacious, modern and…   See the Image

  • Terrace: Jon Bon Jovi's Luxury New York Apartment

    Live like a rock star -- or at least enjoy views like one -- on the terrace of Jon Bon Jovi's Soho prewar apartment. This is one of three terraces, the largest of which is perfect for entertaining on…   See the Image

  • Entryway in a New York City penthouse.

    Neutral and ultimately chic, the entryway is decorated with stunning marble tile flooring and simple wall hangings.   See the Image

  • Living room in a New York City apartment.

    The corner sitting room is adorned with coffered ceilings and a stunning fireplace.   See the Image

  • Contemporary kitchen in a New York City apartment.

    This magnificent penthouse has a lot going for it: gorgeous prewar details, grand-scale rooms and a great location on Fifth Avenue. The chef's kitchen is dramatically lit by soaring skylights.   See the Image

  • Dining room in a New York City apartment.

    Stunning murals give the classic dining room an artistic touch.   See the Image

  • The homes built in the pre-war era were embellished with special touches -- high ceilings, arched doorways and nickel-plated features.

    See examples of the pre-war architectural style and famous pre-war landmarks.   See the Gallery

  • The San Remo is a 27-floor luxury co-operative apartment building in New York City located between 74th and 75th streets in Central Park West. It has been home to many notable people, including…   See the Image