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  • For decades, the Emil Bach, a 1915, 2,700-square-foot, late Prairie two-story, teetered on the edge of demolition threats, zoning beefs with the city and a market re-thinking the value of…   Read the Blog

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's fully restored 1915 landmark Emil Bach home in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood in the North Shore has opened as a mini-vacation spot, special events hub and tour attraction.   See the Gallery

  • It is a bit of dazzling architectural theater. The terracotta and Roman brick William H. Winslow House, built in 1893 after the headstrong Frank Lloyd Wright decided to split with Louis Sullivan…   Read the Article

  • According to the listing, there's a carriage house, suitable for in-laws, on the grounds. A horse stable received the modern treatment, now updated as a parking space.     See the Image

  • A blizzard of white in this remolded eat-in kitchen. So many attractive elements: the number of cabinets makes us salute the designer; the ceiling lighting fixtures; that sink on the island counter…   See the Image

  • The pretty symmetry of the Winslow, seen here in this illuminated exterior shot. We can't help noting a bit of movie trivia about River Forest: Chris Columbus, the director who brought the magic to…   See the Image

  • Yes, it's a home office, or a library or salon, or whatever you'd like to convert it to. What's still so fresh and surprising about Wright's work is the timelessness of his designs.…   See the Image

  • This is one of the largest sun rooms we've seen in a Wright home. The ground-floor access offers a spacious patio for summery entertaining. Peter Walker says the furnishings aren't included in the…   See the Image

  • The Winslow dining room was William Walker's favorite space, according to son Peter. The built-in benches joining the curving beveled windows is a particular Wright-ism and the home includes…   See the Image

  • The immaculate Winslow steps up its historic and contemporary cachet with four fireplaces, a 3-car garage, and original gorgeous oak floors. The rooms flow and join together in warm, sensuous lines,…   See the Image