• Lawn Revolution: A Beautiful Compromise

    This lawn has the traditional Dwarf Tall Fescue lawn to the right — but only one patch of it. The rest is Iris Douglasiana (foreground) and Festuca Californica (rear), with stones and mulch for…   See the Image

  • Lawn Revolution: Wildflowers in Bloom

    Salvia Clevelandii is a common flowering shrub that blooms all summer. (This isn't the kind Miley Cyrus smoked.)    See the Image

  • Lawn Revolution: Cat Not Included

    The grass here is Festuca idahoensis, with lavandula vera (not in bloom — it's a fuzzy purple stalk of a flower) and a gravel path.   See the Image

  • Lawn Revolution: Strange Flowerbed-Fellows

    Festuca rubra grass with the wildflower Erigeron glauca, also known as the seaside daisy.    See the Image

  • Lawn Revolution: Native Pride

    The state flower, California Poppy, with Salvia clevelandii in bloom.    See the Image

  • Atlanta's Brookhaven Beauty, Porch

    Located on a large and private wooded lot, it's hard to believe that all the conveniences and shopping of Buckhead are only a mile away.   See the Image

  • The Other 2500 Peachtree Road, Sunporch

    The expansive sunporch has a water feature and sweeping views of the Atlanta skyline.    See the Image

  • The Other 2500 Peachtree Road, Porch

    The balcony adds a whopping 2,300 square feet to the living space and can be enjoyed almost year-round.    See the Image

  • Porch: Custom Georgian-Style Home in Princeton, N.J.

    Relax in the shade on the rotunda-style covered porch.   See the Image

  • Housworth-Moseley House, Front Porch

    The new owners restored the historic farmhouse and have plans for a farm on the surrounding acreage.    See the Image