• Druid Hills Midcentury Modern, Living Room

    The sun-drenched living room boasts a stone fireplace and glass doors that lead to an adjacent screened porch.    See the Image

  • Homeowners on Porch: Remodeled Ranch Home in Salem, Ore.

    Homeowner Chelsea (middle) poses with her husband Michael and Realtor Christy Temple at her home in Salem, Ore., which she purchased at a 50-percent discount through the Good Neighbor Next Door…   See the Image

  • Georgia Waterfront Steal, Screened Porch

    One of our favorite features of this estate home is the huge curving screened-in porch.    See the Image

  • Georgia Waterfront Steal, Custom Ceilings

    Even the screened porch has custom beadboard ceilings.   See the Image

  • Lawn Revolution: The Perfect Native Lawn

    "People complain that we don't have seasons here," says Michael Thilgen of Four Dimensions Landscape Company. "I understand what they mean. We don't have the classic, dramatic cycle. Ours is…   Read the Article

  • Lawn Revolution: Contrasting Textures

    The grass clumps are Muhlenbergia Rigens, surrounded by wood mulch, next to a path made of decomposed granite, which complements the dormant grass in color.    See the Image

  • Lawn Revolution: Meadow Soprano

    On the East Coast, there's the prairie movement; here in Northern California, a similar return to naturally occurring meadows would mean more environmental stability.    See the Image

  • Lawn Revolution: Emerald Waves of Grain

    When Carex Pansa gets long enough, it lays down gently to create wave-like forms. Wildflowers such as Cistus Purpureus are a gentle yet spectacular complement.    See the Image

  • Lawn Revolution: Two Kinds of Grass

    At left, Festuca Rubra, which stays green. At right, Nasella Pulchrum, which goes dormant in the summer.    See the Image

  • Lawn Revolution: A Farewell to Uniformity

    The traditional lawn is, essentially, green pavement: It might make for a good croquet field, but when was the last time you played croquet?    See the Image