• Georgia Historic Stunner, Veranda

    This veranda or sleeping porch features one-of-a-kind marble columns and posts as well as imported floor tiles.    See the Image

  • Lynnray Drive in Doraville, Deck

    The home's large deck is surrounded by mature trees and was completely refurbished.    See the Image

  • Porch: Molly Sims’ Pop-Up Room for Hello LA

    A cozy seating area can be found just outside the pint-sized pad.   See the Image

  • A Terrace on a Hollywood Hillside Terrace

    A columned terrace shaded by a pergola runs almost the entire length of the back of the house. The fountain is one of several water features on the property.    See the Image

  • Midtown's Myrtle Street, Front Porch

    We think the shady front porch is a great place for sipping sweet tea.    See the Image

  • Midtown's Myrtle Street, Veranda

    This veranda provides a unique outdoor living space that we find romantic and charming.    See the Image

  • The pool loggia features cypress paneling, custom built-in seating, and an outdoor kitchen with a large-screen television and bar area.   See the Image

  • Lanai: Luxury Estate in Boca Raton, Fla.

    Soak up the warm Florida air on the spacious covered porch.   See the Image

  • Porch: Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Conn.

    Panoramas of the Long Island Sound can be admired from the porch.   See the Image