• ANNARB-3001-Geddes

    Published 01/20/14 in Houses

    The handy Ron Swanson would be pleased with the beautiful built-ins throughout this five-bedroom, 4,400-square-foot home. Outside, the grounds are decked out in stone walls, fieldstone paths, tiered…   See the Image

  • ANNARB-436-Pinewood

    Published 01/20/14 in Houses

    Clean, modern lines complement the cozy ambience of this three-bedroom timber-frame farmhouse. We love the wraparound porch and warm maple floors, which give off lovely farmhouse vibes. Meanwhile,…   See the Image

  • Let the Sunshine In

    Published 01/20/14 in Celebrity
    Let the Sunshine In

    One of the home's most outstanding features is the fully enclosed sun porch, right off the dining room.   See the Image

  • Park City Home of Jeffrey Katzenberg, Porch

    If this porch could talk, no doubt Hedda Hopper would blush. Oh, to be the fly in Clinton's onion dip, the gnat in Cameron's smoothie...   See the Image

  • Tyler Florence's Rustic California Reteat: Front Porch

    The host of Food Network's Tyler's Ultimate could add this gorgeous, inviting porch (replete with antlers and white wicker furniture, as part of the "ultimate" homebuyer's dream!   See the Image

  • Historic Marietta Home, Porch

    The home's wraparound porch is one of our favorite features of this historic home located on Whitlock Avenue in Marietta, Ga.    See the Image

  • 105 Weatherford Place, Private Balcony

    There is a private balcony off of the upstairs artist's retreat.    See the Image

  • 105 Weatherford Place, Master Balcony

    There is also a balcony off of the master suite.    See the Image

  • Sunroom: Historic North Mansion in Jackson, Mich.

    The sunroom features a stone floor that came from the old St. Mary Catholic Church.   See the Image

  • Sunroom: Artsy Contemporary Home in Boonville, Ind.

    The sunroom and the adjacent Trex deck overlook the landscape, designed by Dallas Foster.   See the Image