Who's Burning Down the Stage at Ravinia Festival in Highland Park?

The oldest summer lawn party in the country is headlining classic rockers like Heart and Chicago, plus cheap seats for the Symphony Orchestra, and a big funky batch of David Byrne and St. Vincent.

Photo by: Andreas Laszlo Konrath Did you know David Byrne rides his bike everywhere? The legendary Byrne and St. Vincent perform at the Pavilion theatre at Ravinia Festival, July 6.

They've "got stars on the stage and stars in the sky," and musicians have been rocking this venue since 1904. 

"Ravinia presents something different every day, crossing genres and breaking down barriers," said Ravinia's president and CEO Welz Kauffman, responsible for the festival programming. "We're on Rolling Stone magazine's list of Top 10 rock venues and at the same time we host the summer residency of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra." The festival attracts more than 600,000 visitors each year. This summer there are more than 80 festival debuts by opera singers and top-40 chart-toppers and every artist in between, says Kauffman, including a performance by David Byrne and St. Vincent, one of the hottest tickets of the season.

David Byrne, in a slimmed-down big suit, continues to behave like a genius with a music teleporter machine, one he invented. Byrne is always worth a tumble, so get ready to shed your preconceptions on July 6.  Need your Beethoven, like we do, for an entire program? A piddly $15 bucks steals killer lawn seats. And old-school rockers still have a summer place to roam. Listen to Heart (July 29); Steely Dan, one of the best studio bands ever (Aug 1); and Chicago (Aug 25). For $25 bucks you can have the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to yourself. And we have to mention soultress Anita Baker, who makes a special appearance July 13. Check out the full schedule and pick your slot. 

Ravinia Festival, 200 Ravinia Park Rd., Highland Park, about 30 minutes from the Chicago Loop. Park n' Ride options available. Get pricing, parking and accommodation details at the website.

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