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What Would New York City Look Like on Mars, Jupiter and Uranus?

An artist illustrates city life on other planets. If you think NYC winters can be a drag, just be glad you live on Earth.

Photo by: Nickolay Lamm Artist Nickolay Lamm envisions what New York City would look like if it were placed on the planet Uranus. High winds would destroy structures like the Statue of Liberty.

Hollywood loves to imagine what New York City would look like after an alien invasion. Artist Nickolay Lamm put a different spin on the question: What would New York City look like if it were placed on other planets in the solar system?

“The idea came after seeing NASA’s panoramas of Mars,” Lamm told us. “I looked out my window and thought to myself, ‘What if I lived on Mars? What would that look like?’ Better yet, what would it look like if I lived on Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, etcetera?” Lamm enlisted the help of former NASA astrobiologist Marilyn Vogel to visualize what the city would look like in each planet’s atmosphere. He picked the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline for their instant recognizability then rendered the striking images in Photoshop.

On Mercury, the landscape would be covered in volcanic dust. On Venus, buildings would be obscured in “clouds of sulfuric acid.” Uranus and Neptune would be the most inhospitable — extreme winds would destroy the Statue of Liberty. “This project shows that the world is a very special place and that we're lucky to be where we are,” Lamm says.

To see more illustrations from Lamm’s series, check out his artwork at StorageFront.

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