West Palm Beach

  • This is one of the five bedrooms in the home. This room features a cozy fireplace and a lovely chandelier.   See the Image

  • An antique-style tub and marble floors give this bathroom a luxurious feel.   See the Image

  • Here's a perfect place to entertain guests.   See the Image

  • Located just steps from Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, this castle home combines original architecture with all of the amenities of a modern estate. The Moorish-influenced house was originally…   See the Gallery

  • Palm Beach Castle

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses

    Located at 4 El Bravo Way, the main tower rises five stories into the sky and dwarfs the surrounding Palm Beach mansions. The six-bedroom home spans more than 11,000 square feet. There's also a…   See the Image

  • Palm Beach Castle: Pool

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses

    The pool cabana has two change rooms with full baths, a large covered outdoor living room and wet bar. Notice that the pool is surrounded by giant hedges - a must-have for privacy on Palm Beach.   See the Image

  • The structure underwent a restoration in 2009, when the owner added a new wing with a kitchen and a family room. Check out the cypress beams on the ceiling and the unique wood cabinetry.    See the Image

  • Palm Beach Castle: Roof

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses

    Care to hang out on the roof? It's big enough to host parties.    See the Image

  • Wander through the archway covered courtyards or relax in one of the outdoor living areas.   See the Image

  • Even the door looks like it was built for a fortress.   See the Image

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