West Palm Beach

  • Palm Beach Castle: Pool

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses

    The pool cabana has two change rooms with full baths, a large covered outdoor living room and wet bar. Notice that the pool is surrounded by giant hedges - a must-have for privacy on Palm Beach.   See the Image

  • The structure underwent a restoration in 2009, when the owner added a new wing with a kitchen and a family room. Check out the cypress beams on the ceiling and the unique wood cabinetry.    See the Image

  • Palm Beach Castle: Roof

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses

    Care to hang out on the roof? It's big enough to host parties.    See the Image

  • Wander through the archway covered courtyards or relax in one of the outdoor living areas.   See the Image

  • Even the door looks like it was built for a fortress.   See the Image

  • Here's another view of the kitchen. All the appliances are state-of-the-art and notice those arched windows over the sink.    See the Image

  • Originally constructed in 1920, the home was expanded in 1929 by architect Addison Mizner, infamous for bringing his Mediterranean Revival style to South Florida. Mizner also added the…   See the Image

  • Designed for entertaining, the rooftop has a bar, seating area and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.   See the Image

  • This informal dining room takes advantage of the natural light that streams through the arched windows.   See the Image

  • Hang out in your very own private pool cabana.   See the Image

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