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Porch: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
Patio: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
Living Room: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
Kitchen: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
Lawn: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
Grounds: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
Foyer: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
Dining Room: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
Breakfast Nook: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
Master Bedroom: New England Estate, Dorset, Vt.
  • Victorian Curb Appeal, 50 Shades of Blue

    Some Victorian homes have several different shades of the same color and many bold accent colors. Consequently, maintaining your paint job is a key component to curb appeal.    See the Image

  • Stowe, Vermont

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Stowe, Vermont

    From stunning scenic views to a wide variety of outdoor activities, Stowe, Vermont, has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. It's no surprise, then, that Stowe is the location of the 2011…   See the Image

  • Hitting the Slopes

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Stowe, Vermont: Hitting the Slopes

    Known as the skiing capital of the east, skiers and snowboarders come from all across the globe to experience Stowe's highest mountain -- Mt. Mansfield -- which stands at 4,395 feet. With 116…   See the Image

  • The Trapp Family Lodge

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Stowe, Vermont: The Trapp Family Lodge

    The Trapp Family Lodge is a European-style resort on 2,400 acres with accommodations to suit any family. Managed by the iconic von Trapp family -- the family on which the movie "The Sound of…   See the Image

  • Rock of Ages

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Rock of Ages

    Explore a different side of Vermont's rocky terrain at Rock of Ages, an active granite quarry almost 600 feet deep. After you take in the amazing sights and watch artisans sculpt and polish…   See the Image

  • Cold Hollow Cider Mill

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Cold Hollow Cider Mill

    At Cold Hollow Cider Mill, you can satisfy both your sweet tooth and your curiosity. The mill offers a glimpse into the old-fashioned production of fresh apple cider. In the summertime, you can…   See the Image

  • Stowe Mountain Resort's Gondola Skyride

    With all the gorgeous views Stowe has to offer, the ideal way to enjoy them is from above. Take a ride up on Stowe Mountain Resort's Gondola Skyride, which will take you to Vermont's highest…   See the Image

  • Boyden Valley Winery

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Boyden Valley Winery

    Boyden Valley Winery boasts an impressive 8,000 grapevines that go into creating locally grown and harvested wines. When you stop in for a tour, you can bring the kids, too. Not only does the…   See the Image

  • Historic Covered Bridge

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Historic Covered Bridge

    One of the last covered bridges in New England, Gold Brook Bridge is a charming spot with a bit of an eerie past. The historic bridge, called "Emily's Bridge" by locals, is said to be haunted by…   See the Image

  • Recreation Path

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Recreation Path

    The 5.3-mile recreation path is the perfect place to walk, run, bike and skate. The award-winning paved path winds throughout Stowe and has five equipment-rental shops along the way. The curvy…   See the Image

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