• Brighton Ski Resort

    Published 02/19/13 in Places
    Brighton Ski Resort

    Open to visitors since 1936, the Brighton Ski Resort is one of the oldest skiing and snowboarding resorts in the country. Located at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, the resort has been voted by…   See the Image

  • Snowbird Resort Tram

    Published 02/19/13 in Places
    Snowbird Resort Tram

    Snowbird's Aerial tram, which opened in 1971, takes guests on a 10-minute trip up a 1.6 -mile cable, coming to a stop at the top of Hidden Peak -- 2,900 -vertical -feet later. From the outlook, you…   See the Image

  • Red Butte Garden

    Published 02/19/13 in Places
    Red Butte Garden

    Red Butte Garden is a botanical garden and arboretum that features 11 themed gardens and nearly four miles of hiking trials. Open year -round, the peaceful property includes a children's garden…   See the Image

  • The Bridge Cafe and Grill

    Published 02/19/13 in Places
    The Bridge Cafe and Grill

    Located next to the Town Lift on Main Street, The Bridge is a popular spot to fuel up before a day on the slopes. The restaurant serves American food with Brazilian flair, plus breakfast all day…   See the Image

  • Cathedral of the Madeleine

    Published 02/19/13 in Places
    Cathedral of the Madeleine

    Completed in 1909, the Cathedral of the Madeleine was erected with a Romanesque exterior and a Gothic interior. The Roman Catholic Church is the only cathedral in the U.S. under the patronage of…   See the Image

  • Wasatch Brew Pub and Brewery

    A local favorite since 1989, Wasatch sits at the top of historic Main Street. The town's first brewery since Prohibition, Wasatch serves hand-crafted brews and ales with cheeky names like…   See the Image

  • Calvin Rampton Salt Palace, Architecture

    The North Foyer of the Salt Palace is a great example of the Salt Palace's exquisite architecture. The trusses that support the roof were created by famous roller-coaster designer, Kent Seko.   See the Image

  • Bonneville Salt Flats

    Published 02/19/13 in Places
    Bonneville Salt Flats

    The Bonneville Salt Flats are a salt pan leftover from the Pleistocene Lake Bonneville. The flats were named after U.S. Army officer Benjamin Bonneville, who explored the area in the 1830s. The…   See the Image

  • Mount Olympus and Ensign Peak

    Ensign Peak was the first summit climbed after the Mormon pioneers arrived in 1847. For the Church of Latter-Day Saints, Ensign Peak is sacred ground. In 1996, the base of Ensign Peak was…   See the Image

  • Calvin Ramtpon Salt Palace, Convention Center

    Calvin Ramtpon Salt Palace is named after two previous Salt Palaces; former arenas that were entertainment venues with the original dating back to the late 19th century. Today's structure is a…   See the Image

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