The Golden State Warriors' New Logo Is No Longer a Time Machine

Back in 2010 our local NBA team decided to base its new logo on the not-yet-built Bay Bridge eastern span. Finally, life imitates art!

Photo by Scott R. Kline / Logo Courtesy of Golden State Warriors On the left, the real bridge. On the right, the updated logo. Classic, modern and futuristic, all in one. 

You know you're becoming a Bay Area denizen when you're telling someone you're going into San Francisco from one of the surrounding areas and you simply say you're "going to the city." Oh, sure, Berkeley's a city. Oakland's a city. But there's just one city around here. 

One of the most popular T-shirt logos for natives, in fact, is a simple picture of the Golden Gate Bridge with "THE CITY" emblazoned atop. Wearing this, as opposed to some weird woven-hemp tie-dyed "frisco" shirt, will mark you as cool, local and authentic. Well, lah-dee-dah, guess where that logo came from: the local NBA team's logo from 1969-71, possibly the coolest years in the city's history. It's classic and it's emblematic.

In 2010 the Warriors decided to ditch the modern updates that looked so fresh in the late '90s. But what would simultaneously evoke the nostalgia of the throwback logo celebrate the team's East Bay home (they actually play in Oakland, irony alert), and look forward to the future?  Slam dunk: an update of the classic starring the then-unfinished eastern span of the Bay Bridge.

As you may have noted, that project has finally, spectacularly come to fruition, and the actual trip from San Francisco to Oakland to see the team (assuming you didn't take BART, which you really oughta) matches the updated logo.

So what do you think? Does reality match the updated logo? Does the bridge deserve this iconic status? We think it's a great pick (and roll).

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What do you think?

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