South Carolina

  • Coastal Journey: Kiawah Island

    Dock your boat at Bohicket Marina, where you can shop at the Bohicket Market or join the Governor's Cup Series Billfish tournament.   See the Image

  • Kiawah Sunsets

    Published 02/18/13 in Places
    Kiawah Sunsets

    Toes in the water, toes in the sand. Kiawah is the perfect place to forget about life for awhile.   See the Image

  • Kiawah Sunset

    Published 02/18/13 in Places
    Kiawah Sunset

    Pink sky at night, sailor's delight. Sunset over the Kiawah River.   See the Image

  • Ride Horses on the Beach: Kiawah Island

    Kiawah offers daily horse rentals, but for equestrians who want to bring their horses along, many stables offer boarding, too.   See the Image

  • Tee Off: Kiawah Island

    Published 02/18/13 in Places
    Tee Off: Kiawah Island

    Kiawah Island is home to five award-winning golf courses, the most famous being The Ocean Course.   See the Image

  • Dolphin Cruising in the Water

    It is common to spot schools of dolphins just off the coast of Kiawah.   See the Image

  • Boat Steering Wheel

    Published 02/18/13 in Places
    Boat Steering Wheel

    Boating and fishing are popular pasttimes along the coast.   See the Image

  • paddle boarding on Kiawah Island, South Carolina

    Kiawah offers some of the best kayaking, boating and fishing on the East Coast. Paddleboarding along Kiawah's many waterways is a great way to see the island's wide variety of wildlife.   See the Image

  • fishing pier on Folly Beach, South Carolina

    The pier at Folly Beach is one of the area's best places for saltwater fishing.   See the Image

  • Boating on Kiawah Island, South Carolina

    A group watches for wildlife on one of Kiawah's many waterways. Sightings of Great Blue Herons, bottlenose dolphins and various types of egrets are quite common on the island.   See the Image

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