• Bedroom: Clean and Contemporary in Seattle

    A deep brown four-poster bed is the focal point of the otherwise neutrally-toned bedroom. Surrounded by ample window spaces, the space earns its backdrop from the surrounding Seattle views.     See the Image

  • Bedroom View: Clean and Contemporary in Seattle

    The contemporary bedroom pairs together soft neutrals and deep brown wood accents, like many of the rooms throughout the home. A pair of French doors provide easy access to the balcony area, where…   See the Image

  • Bathroom: Clean and Contemporary in Seattle

    Like the kitchen and dining room cabinetry, the bathroom features a handcrafted, deep brown vanity with a double sink space. Warm neutrals used for the countertop and floor tiles finish off the…   See the Image

  • Bathroom View: Clean and Contemporary in Seattle

    A step-up bathtub is placed at an ideal height to enjoy the Seattle skyline view while taking a relaxing soak. Located just off the master bedroom, the bathroom uses bright whites to create an open,…   See the Image

  • Balcony: Clean and Contemporary in Seattle

    Step outside onto the home's spacious balcony area for a stunning view of the Seattle skyline, including the world famous Space Needle restaurant and observation deck. Relax…   See the Image

  • Sitting Room: Georgian Elegance in Seattle

    A private sitting room within the living room offers casual seating, in addition to direct access to the outdoor patio. A slate gray fireplace provides a beautiful contrast to the room's otherwise…   See the Image

  • Living Room: Georgian Elegance in Seattle

    The exquisite living room features two sitting areas, both outfitted with several different seating options, including sofas and armchairs. Three sets of French doors open to the outdoor terrace,…   See the Image

  • Exterior: Georgian Elegance in Seattle

    This magnificent Georgian-style home with beautiful grounds and sweeping western views was designed by Carl Gould. Completed in 1912, the historic home has since been meticulously updated.   See the Image

  • Foyer: Georgian Elegance in Seattle

    The foyer perfectly showcases the home's exquisite millwork, walnut floors and high ceilings. Elegant columns and lantern-like light fixtures finish off the overall look of the entryway.   See the Image

  • Backyard: Georgian Elegance in Seattle

    The outdoor stone terrace leads to a stunning two-level lawn area. Like the front of the home, careful landscaping compliments the overall look of the outdoor spaces.    See the Image

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