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  • The Whaley House

    Published 02/18/13 in Places
    The Whaley House

    Now a museum run by the Save Our Heritage Organisation, San Diego's Whaley House was designated an official Haunted House by the U.S. Department of Commerce in the 1960s due to frequently…   See the Image

  • San Diego is considered a paradise in the United States and has long been a haven for beach bums and surfers. Ask any local why and they will tell you: beautiful weather, beautiful people and…   Read the Article

  • San Diego is home to several of the world’s most renowned attractions, events, conventions, tourist destinations and recreational endeavors. More than 31 million visitors spending $7.9 billion help…   Read the Article

  • GEOGRAPHY San Diego is divided into four distinct regions. Locals refer to these regions based on their proximity to "center city" and its surrounding neighborhoods. San Diego "city" -- San Diego…   Read the Article

  • While others may disagree, San Diego can be completely defined by its neighborhoods. Incredibly close together in proximity, yet vastly different in makeup, these little villages -- or towns within…   Read the Article

  • Population: 1.34 million (city), 3.15 million (county) USDA Hardiness Zone: 10 Major Airports: San Diego International Airport aka Lindbergh Field (the busiest single-runway airport in the United…   Read the Article

  • Spa tub in a luxurious home located just 12 miles outside of San Diego.

    No, this isn't a spa resort on an exotic island -- it's a private home located just 12 miles outside of San Diego. While this two-acre estate boasts many impressive features -- including an outdoor…   Read the Blog

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