Progress Along the Miami River Greenway

As the skyline in downtown Miami, Fla., continues to transform, so does the "greenway" along the Miami River. Soon you'll be able to stroll along clearly marked paths from Biscayne Bay to the Dolphin Expressway.

Photo by: Kara Franker “It’s proceeding with the usual public-sector glacial progress, but it is progress,’’ said Ernest Martin to the Miami Herald. “We’re almost to the point where we’re going to have continuous walkways."

Government agencies for the city and county are slowly filling in the gaps to create a continuous pathway. It's currently a selection of disconnected paths that run along the water's edge with some sections that are attractive and lushly landscaped, while other portions need some serious TLC.  

Some of the current interruptions include the undeveloped land on both sides of the Miami Avenue Bridge and the marina at the Epic Residences & Hotel. According to the Miami Herald, the Epic developer is embroiled in a dispute with the city over a sales center building that sits where a portion of the north bank river walk is supposed to go. 

Most of the land along the river is privately owned, but a city ordinance requires developers to install public walkways when they build. 

The progress is not going fast enough for many activists and nonprofit groups, who are hoping to create a restaurant and business hub like the river walk in San Antonio. 

As construction continues to boom, developers are slowly filling in pieces of the public greenway and adding in restaurant space. There are currently 18 operating restaurants on or close to the river, including hot spots like Garcia's Seafood. 

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