Profile: Washington, D.C.

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Population: 550,521

USDA Hardiness Zone:

Major Airports: Washington Dulles International Airport, Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport

Companies with a Major Presence: U.S. Government, Carlyle Group, numerous strategy consulting, lobbying, political research and non-profit firms, C-SPAN

Washington, D.C., represents a unique blend of a small Southern town and international city. As the nation’s capital, it puts on its best face to represent the country with manicured lawns and well-tended parks around its many monuments and memorials. The vibrant, albeit often transient, population that fills the think tanks, political offices and embassies -- the movers and shakers who pass through from around the country and around the globe -- give this city a wealth of global and intellectual culture unusual for a city of its size.

But Washington is also a tree-lined, Southern town with a relaxed pace and a local history all its own. The past and present of a strong African-American community resides here and has built communities for years and years. Plus, the temperate climate below the Mason-Dixon Line gives Washington a breathtaking spring lush with fragrant tree blossoms and flowering azalea blushes in shades of pink and white.

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