• February 1, 1979, was a historic moment for beer-loving Americans: that’s when President Jimmy Carter signed the Cranston Bill legalizing home brewing in the United States. No city has benefited…   Read the Article

  • New Seasons Market This local retailer is a health-conscious foodie’s dream come true. Customers are greeted by friendly employees and carts with drink slots for the free coffee offered near the…   Read the Article

  • PRONUNCIATIONS Willamette (Wil-LAM-ette) A river and an alternative weekly newspaper are two of the most popular things named after this Oregon toponym. Oregon (Oree-gun or Or-gun, not…   Read the Article

  • Food and Drink Essentials: Best Places to... BUY GROCERIES Food Fight! 1217 S.E. Stark St. This vegan market has a freezer with faux meat TV dinners, soy jerky, organic produce and cookbooks.…   Read the Article

  • NORTH “NoPo” is the city’s final frontier in gentrification. For years, the north side of Portland was a blend of working-class residential neighborhoods and industrial stretches, but in recent…   Read the Article

  • Population: 550,000 USDA Hardiness Zone: 8 Major Airport: Portland International Airport Companies with a Major Presence Here: Nike, Inc., Precision Castparts Corp., Intel, Xerox, StanCorp…   Read the Article

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